Monday, April 24, 2017

Blank diary

Dreams, dreams
One after another,
The hunters,
Their assault
As if in pursuit ...
They set traps made
With the thread of
Bitter memories,
Crisscrossed with
Scars of depression
Hemmed with a
Net of disappointment
Glowing red
On its edges
Revealing a tinge
Of madness
They follow me,
Do they follow you too?
They tease,
They tear me inside,
Leaving me starved,
And wracked with pain.
They kill me slowly,
Their fingers choking,
Take even the
Breath out of each cell,
Their burning hunger
Branding my very soul,
Sleep, my nemesis
None other than a prison
The harassment
Without cease
Does anybody hear my cries?
Does anybody feel my broken heart?
Dreams, senseless hunters
Tireless shooting
Their arrows spraying fire
They descend like comets
Burn till the end,
Which is right inside.
Blank are my diary pages
Dreadfully silent
I cannot escape
From the bite of my dreams
It is the fear,
The hatred that
Set in me their wrath
And I cannot find the exit way,
They keep me trapped.
As if in pursuit
One after another,
The hunters
Their constant assault,
Dreams, dreams .


The direction the wind leads
It moves 

without hope 

The waves make it unusual

The stars look and feel

Lanterns do not give 

Any direction

Sea comes out of the platform 

Like tears from the soul

Through memories 

An isolated bird 

Sits on the stem 

Sings a sorrowful song 


The coast is 

Just distant dream

Nobody waits for it
It is in meditation of solitude

Life is a tiny boat
Which  lost its paddle

Saturday, April 22, 2017


Standing beside a river
Hears a sob
From the heap of sand
The flow of river
As dead as a dodo
No song of rolling stones
Instead of fragrance of wild jasmine
Fusty air  spreads all where
In a midsummer night
Moon light searching
For a single drop to rest
Stars looks deep to see
The soul of river
From mountain to the sea
It is large Tomb
Where we cremated the river
Bridges crosses
Dams closes
Every drainage ends
All in the river heart
She is no more
She is now a monument
Of the spring we missed
In the dream
From the caves of memories
I fell her smile,
Breaths, touching ,
When I wake up
She vanishes
In a graveyard of all hopes



An eco system
Its arrival and departure
Tied together

Of its narrows
A new cry,
A mother gives birth
Out of its dark,
Screams escape
From the closed
Mouth of the hunters' trap ...

Somewhere it is flowered
Under an umbrella
Between two love birds
Stringed with the wings
Forgetting whole world

Somewhere it is blood
Riots between brothers
The global language of weapons
Blend together

It is a crowd
It is isolation
It is a garden of expectations
It is a graveyard of depressions
It is a raising slogan
It is fire
It is dense smoke of explosions

It is music,
The dance of mad butterflies,
Light and shadow ...

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Up from the gloomy sky
Down to the waiting earth

Sometimes it is like tear drops
Of loving mother
Falling on the head of infant

Sometimes it is tear drops
Of the lover
To the cheek of beloved
Filled with rhythm of heartbeats

Sometimes it is cool
sometimes it is too hot

Many times it was like
crying little boy
Who lost his kite in wind

Many times it was a tune
From the lip of clouds
Meditating  green earth

Rain drops
Come to awake the seeds
Come to awake the spring back
Come to pat the Sparrow
Come to the lines of a poem
To make the garden of thoughts


Looking to the sky
Sun masked by the clouds
Like memories by time

Looking to the sky
Clouds being dark
Like sorrows covering
Every smiles

Like a mother
They carry rain drops
In womb

Clouds hum the tune
Together the blowing wind,
Passes a loving kiss
With the mountain peak  

Clouds are like transient dreams
Bringing rainbows
Vanishing sudden

Clouds are like Angles
Sweeping the tears all where

Welcome oh clouds
Fill my heart with magic wings